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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Leather Repairs in Southampton

Ruth can help you with a lot of small damage and wear and tear in the interior of your car, like

  • Scratches

  • Small cuts and tears of up to 4 cm

  • Wear on the seats and armrests

  • Damage to leather, vinyl or plastic on door cards, centre console and dashboard

  • Flaking paint on trims

  • etc.

Have a look at the picture gallery for examples or, if in doubt, contact Ruth through this website.

However, there is damage Ruth is unable to help with (click here for pictures):

  • Vintage cars

  • Cuts on soft tops

  • Head linings

  • Open seams

  • Piping

  • Long cuts and tears

  • Collapsed foam on seats

  • Cracked dashboards

  • Fabric upholstery - i.e. cigarette burns, tears, etc.

  • Horizontal cuts/cracks on vinyl of the driver's seat

  • Damaged chrome or brushed aluminum trims

  • Scratches on matt silver or hi-gloss painted trims

  • Ruth doesn't repair leather sofas, armchairs and motor bikes.

  • She is also unable to repair nubuck, suede and aniline leather

You will need to contact a car trimming company if you need to have a seam re-stitched, a panel replaced or a seat recovered. Click here for local car trimming companies.

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